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At Ai-Ops, we are about more than just pretty models, we are plant-born engineers that have developed the framework that will deliver Ai control to the end of the wire using our Edge Controller, the Ai-LCS Control Advisor. With Ai-Ops simulation and learning center, you can utilize our methods of deploying Ai models in real-world process control scenarios. Learn to use this system today with our Plant Carbon Copy Simulation and Learning Center.

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Our process simulation is a real-time continuous process simulator that looks and feels like the real thing. This ensures that the training techniques you learn here will be immediately deployable on our hardware in the real-world.


Our simulation sessions collect and store your simulated process history in an easy to use, exportable .csv file. The data is exported in both scaled, and unscaled format to streamline the required data conditioning before jumping right into ML or RL training scenarios. No interpolations here, just good clean data.


You can train with your own compute and build you own training environments with the exported data, or you can use our streamlined SDKs to help build your ML or RL training environments for you. With just a few lines of code, can save you a hours.


Once your .h5 file is ready, upload this file back to the simulation environment, bind the tags, and let it rip!

Demo Video

Below is a quick video demonstrating the user interface of our Plant Carbon Copy service